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Paper Upload Instructions

Please submit the following files to EDAS by May 25, 2009 the latest:

  • A completed signed, scanned Springer copyright form (
  • A compressed zip file containing the following files:

    • A file named main.tex with the full source LaTeX code of the paper (please, no includes, no subfiles, etc. Just ONE file). Warning: the main.tex file should explicitly specify the coding system (\usepackage[latin1]{inputenc}, for instance), so that it can be compiled by us on any PC, whatever the operating system. For word files, please use the LNCS word template
    • A file named main.bib with all the BibTeX references (again, only one single file!).
    • All the libraries needed to compile it which are not in the standard LaTeX distribution (including the LNCS libraries: llncs.cls, splncs.bst)
    • A subdirectory called Figures (with a capital F!) which contains all the figures to be included by the main.tex file when compiled by pfdlatex to its PDF image under their final format (PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc.). If you have .eps figures try to include /usepackage{epstopdf}.
    • Finally, a PDF file called original.pdf which is the result of compiling your main.tex/main.bib file at your location, so that we can compare our output with your original output.
    • A readme.rtf file, giving the first name(s) and the surname(s) of all the authors of the paper, the name of the corresponding author, and the name of the presenting author (if known).

The compressed zip file should not contain anything else! Please remove all files *.aux, *.blg, *.bbl, *.log file, erratic texput.log, etc. This will save us a lot of pain and time. The final file main.pdf should be completely rebuildable by a simple command executed from within the directory: "pdflatex main; bibtex main; pdflatex main; pdflatex main". Remark: You may possibly include a Makefile if it can help you, such that the "make" commands (without argument) rebuilds the final PDF main.pdf file.

The files should be uploaded in EDAS by May 25, 2009 the latest.

Please remind that at least one author needs to register for the conference at the full rate in order for the paper to appear in the proceedings.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

For any question regarding this instructions, please send an e-mail to




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