2. Performance Prediction and Evaluation


In recent years a range of novel methodologies and tools have been developed for the purpose of evaluation, design, and model reduction of existing and emerging parallel and distributed systems. At the same time, the coverage of the term 'performance' has constantly broadened to include reliability, robustness, energy consumption, and scalability in addition to classical performance-oriented evaluations of system functionalities. The aim of Topic 2, "Performance Prediction and Evaluation", is to bring together system designers and researchers involved with the qualitative and quantitative evaluation and modeling of large-scale parallel and distributed applications and systems (e.g., Grids, cloud computing environments, multi-core architectures). Authors are invited to submit novel research in all areas of performance prediction and evaluation, and to help bringing together current theory and practice.


Topics of interest include:

  • Performance modeling, analysis, and prediction for applications and large-scale systems(e.g., Grids, cloud computing environments, multi-core architectures)
  • Novel techniques and tools for performance evaluation and prediction
  • Advanced simulation techniques and tools
  • Measurements, benchmarking, and tracing
  • Workload modelling
  • Performance-driven code optimisation
  • Verification and validation of models
  • Performance visualisation>

Topic committee

Global chair
Thomas Fahringer University of Innsbruck Austria
Vice chair
Marian Bubak AGH University of Science and Technology Poland
Hong-Linh Truong Vienna University of Technology Austria
Matei Ripeanu University of British Columbia Canada
Xian-He Sun Illinois Institute of Technology USA
Local chair
Alexandru Iosup Delft University of Technology Netherlands



August 25, 2009
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