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Despite an impressive body of research, parallel and distributed computing remains a complex task prone to subtle software issues that can affect both the correctness and the performance of the computation. The increasing demand to distribute computing over large-scale parallel and distributed platforms, such as grids and large clusters, often combined with the use of hardware accelerators, overlaps with an increasing pressure to make computing more dependable. To address these challenges, the parallel and distributed computing community continuously requires better tools and environments to design, program, debug, test, tune, and monitor parallel programs. This topic aims to bring together tool designers, developers, and users to share their concerns, ideas, solutions, and products covering a wide range of platforms, including homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore architectures. We will particularly value contributions with solid theoretical foundations and experimental validations on production-level parallel and distributed systems. This year, we encourage submissions proposing intelligent monitoring and diagnosis tools and environments, which can exploit behavior knowledge to detect programming bugs or performance bottlenecks and help ensure correct and efficient parallel program execution.


  • Automatic code generation
  • Debugging (off-line, on-line, threads)
  • Computational Steering
  • Evaluation of tools
  • Hybrid shared memory and message passing tools
  • Instrumentation and monitoring tools and techniques
  • Integration of tools, compilers and operating systems
  • Testing and analysis tools
  • Tools and environments for clusters and grids (programming, job submission, administration)
  • Tools and environments for homogeneous and heterogeneous multi/many-core processors (Cell, GPUs, CMPs, MPSoCs, etc.)
  • Performance and Reliability Analysis (manual and automatic)
  • Programming Environments, interoperable tool environments
  • Visualization (program flow, data)

Topic committee

Global chair
Felix Wolf Juelich Supercomputing Centre Germany
Vice chair
Soonhoi Ha Seoul National University Korea
Luiz DeRose Cray Inc USA
Anna Morajko Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Spain
Thilo Kielmann Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Netherlands
Local chair
Andy Pimentel University of Amsterdam Netherlands



August 25, 2009
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